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You don’t get the house warm or you sinply can’t pay the bill anymore. Come tot the Energiewinkel.


We help you to find out exactly how and where you can save on gas and electricity. Come tot the Energiewinkel and bring your annual invoice from the energy supplier.


Once we have diagnosed the problems, we will help you solve them in the cheapest possible way. Come to the Energiewinkel.

For who is the Energiewinkel ?

The Renkum municipality wants to help residents saving energy or offer help with financial problems due to the high costs of energy.
The Energiewinkel is an initiative of the Rechtswinkel Renkum, made possible by the Renkum municipality.
All residents of Oosterbeek, Wolfheze, Doorwerth, Heveadorp, Renkum and Heelsum are welcome in the Energiewinkel.


About the Energiewinkel

The municipality of Renkum wants to help residents save energy or help with financial problems due to high energy costs. The Energy Shop is an initiative of the Rechtswinkel and the municipality of Renkum.

Residents of Oosterbeek, Doorwerth, Wolfheze, Heelsum, Renkum and Heveadorp are welcome in the Energy Shop in the Dorpsstraat in Renkum. All questions about energy, your annual accounts, your monthly amount, savings, insulation, help with savings and support from the municipality in paying your bill, can be asked here.

Visit the store, look at the examples and ask your questions. There are regular volunteers present who speak different languages, but of course you can also bring someone yourself if your Dutch is not optimal.

We are here to help you

Our experts are here to help you with answers to you questions, but also with hands on help. We can assist you with:

  • Energy savings in your own home, if necessary someone can come to your house to see what the possibilities are.
  • The installation of which type of insulation is optimal in your situation.
  • Savings advice on basis of your yearly invoice and your personal home situation.
  • The application for financial support from the municipality.
  • Advice about which measures are the most profitable in your situation as a home owner.

Visit the Energiewinkel

You are more than welcome in the shop to pose all your questions. Regularly we have volunteers present in the shop, who speak different languages, but of course you can bring someone yourself if your Dutch is not optimal.